Webinar “A taste of Copilot”

Webinar “A taste of Copilot”.

Join us for a lunch and learn moment on Microsoft Copilot.

Friday February 9th, 12.00h – 12.20h

You may have heard of Microsoft Copilot, the AI assistant for Microsoft 365. But do you know what its potential is? How you can leverage it for your workflow and what it can mean for your business?

Microsoft MVP’s Pieter Op De Beéck and Thomas Vochten take you through the basics of Copilot in this short webinar!

What you’ll learn

We’ll give you a taste of what Copilot can mean for you: what is it, and how can you use it in your daily workflow? Discover all the basics, and how you can start using it in your company.

Why you should join

We’ve been using and testing MS Copilot for 100 days now! Our MVP Pieter Op De Beéck has become a valuable spokesperson for anything Microsoft-related, with a focus on Loop and Copilot.

Pieter’s expertise, combined with the extensive know-how of The Flow, means that we are at the forefront of this new AI era. We are convinced Microsoft Copilot will revolutionize your workflow like you’ve never thought possible.

Are you ready to take the first step with us?