The power of Copilot

The power of Copilot.

Discover the revolutionary power of AI in Copilot for Microsoft 365, specially designed to increase efficiency and creativity within your organization.

Discover the power of Copilot and transform your organization.

Determine how you want to use AI

AI use case detection

Copilot pilot project

Are you having difficulties to:

  • Getting started with AI? 
  • Determining concrete AI use cases? 
  • Monitoring shadow IT such as ChatGPT? 
  • Centralizing AI use in your organization? 
  • Generating content quickly and professionally? 
  • Having productive meetings? 
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As one of the early adopters of Copilot, we can support you with our extensive expertise and experience.
Because Copilot and AI are still relatively new, we offer 2 programs: DISCOVER and VALIDATE.

1. DISCOVER: discover the possibilities

  • In “Discover Copilot”, we start with a ‘Goals and Benefits’ workshop where we capture your digital AI wishes. 
  • This will be followed by an inspiring session for your employees that reveals the power of Copilot, followed by identifying specific use cases within your company. This approach ensures that Copilot fits seamlessly with your business needs. 
  • Later you will receive a report from us that maps the use cases of your employees to the predetermined goals. 
  • We will also provide you with a proposed action plan to effectively achieve your goals. 

2. VALIDATE: experience it yourself 

In our “Validate Copilot” program we introduce your organization to the world of artificial intelligence (AI), opening a new dimension of efficiency and innovation.

  • After an inspiring session on the power of Copilot, we identify specific use cases within your company. 
  • Afterward, a selected group of employees will have access to Copilot licenses and specialized training to make the most of the tool. 
    This Pilot project allows us to evaluate and optimize the impact of Copilot. 
  • Regular follow-up sessions and reports ensure that your team benefits maximally from Copilot. 

Our program is designed to address common challenges such as uncertainty around AI use and streamlining AI within your organization. This program ensures that your team not only understands the basics of AI, but can also fully utilize Copilot’s advanced capabilities. 

With “Validate Copilot” you prepare your organization for an efficient and innovative future in the AI-driven world. 

Ready to lead your organization into the future?

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